Behavior Solutions

Become a Pack Leader and Communicate to Liberate

Social Graces Workshop

Private Consultation

Evaluate your dogs’ needs and find out which program is right for your dog.

  • Evaluate Your Canine’s Behavior
  • Assess Your Canine’s Needs
  • Create a Plan and Explore Next Steps

Canine Socials

Private Session - Single

Become a Pack Leader and lay the groundwork for success with your canine. Learn about providing for your dogs’ needs and learn techniques to create balance through mental stimulation and exercise.

  • Improve Leash Handling
  • Lay Foundations and Set House Rules
  • Provide for Your Dogs’ Needs

Socialization Program

Private Sessions - 4 Sessions

Lay the foundation for success. Over 4 sessions, improve your relationship and work on challenging behavior with 1-on-1 Philly Pack Training.

  • Learn Basic Commands
  • Create Structure and Set House Rules
  • Address Challenging Behavior