the Philly Pack

The Philly Pack was created in 2006 with the goal of helping dog owners achieve harmony in their relationship with their dogs.

We often serve as troubleshooters for owners who are experiencing problematic behaviors from their dogs. Many difficulties encountered by dog owners are often symptoms of larger issues, such as fear, frustration and excitement. Our mission is to help you find solutions to address these challenges.

I consider myself to be a Dog Owner Advisor and Dog/Human Partnership Coach.  My focus is on your relationship with your dog. I will evaluate the needs of both you and your dog so that we can come up with solutions to satisfy both of you. I tend to look at things from not only your perspective but also from the dog’s point of view, which allows me to identify what is commonly missed. My approach is designed to troubleshoot

relationship challenges, and address issues of aggression, fearfulness, insecurity and impulse control. This process allows me to examine your routine and study your dog’s behavior and body language so that you and your best friend achieve harmony together. I know this sounds kind of hokey, but after 22 years of studying and working with dogs, 15 years of training dogs, walking dogs, socializing dogs, and living with (mostly my own) dogs in a multi-species household, what I’ve come to realize is that what we struggle with most is understanding and communicating with our canine friends. This is where I can help you learn your dog’s language so that you can find comfort in knowing you are effectively communicating while building a trusting relationship with your dog. 



We Offer


We can address a variety of issues during an in-home session, such as household management, leash walking, and basic manners. Appointments usually run about an hour.

Within City Proper
$125 for the first session
$100 per follow-ups

Outside the City
$150 for the first session
$125 per follow-up


Walk on By  $30 each
This class is designed to help dog owners learn to help their dog pass other dogs on leash peacefully. We will work on leash communication and assist in building your skills as a confident leader. This class occurs every other week. Event updates can be found on FaceBook.  Attendees must have done previous training with The Philly Pack.

Be WITH your Dog $60 each
The goal for this class is for you to learn how to be with your dog in a way your dog understands. Most dog training asks dogs to adapt to our world, but we will be adapting to what is natural to dogs by traveling around with them and learning to use the world around you as a natural agility course. It’s an opportunity to work with your dog on leash in the company of other dogs. This will be an adventure class; it will require you to be active and ready to get dirty with your pup.

You and your dog will benefit from this program because you will become a better partnership, a better team and you’ll begin to understand each other in a whole new way. You will enjoy simple things together so that you can begin to include your dog in your life more often. Your dog will learn better manners and coping skills, which will open the door to inviting your dog more places. This program is about you learning how to communicate with your dog in a trustworthy and clear manner. Please watch FaceBook for event updates.

Pack Walks – FREE
WE offer pack walks for Philly Pack Clients to attend.  Its an opportunity for owners to walk with their dogs in a group setting while giving them an chance to work with their dogs amongst other dogs and owners. Please watch FaceBook for event updates


Photo Walks $200
Krista Milito started her career with dogs behind a camera. This year she has decided to offer her photography once again. Krista will take your dog on a walk by herself and photograph him or her.  You will receive 10-15 print quality photos sent directly to your phone or email. 

This is a very premium service and Krista will only take a few appointments from Spring to Fall.  Krista will not be available for holiday photos. Examples of Krista’s photography can be found throughout The Philly Pack Facebook page, Flickr, and Instagram.



Philly Pack Head Trainer

The Philly Pack head trainer, Krista Milito, is a graduate of Cabrini University. Her first real dog experience was in 1998 during her work in animal shelters, though she had been reading about dogs and studying canine behavior and training as long as she can remember.

Although dogs have always been her passion, Krista worked in the photography field, but knew that one day, dogs would be her destiny.  She used photography to promote shelter animals and made a name for herself in the animal welfare scene by having fine art photography shows in Center City, Philadelphia. She sold many of her photos and raised money for the shelter to which she dedicated her time.

Krista has volunteered time and fostered animals for many organizations including the Wildlife Clinic at the Schuylkill Center, Morris Animal Refuge, The People Pet Partnership, PACCA, PSPCA, PAWS, ACCT, City of Elderly Love, and City Kitties, and also served on the board of directors for Citizens for a No-Kill Philadelphia for over six years.  In 2004, after many years in the shelter circuit and volunteer network, the largest dog walking company in Philadelphia recruited her. Walking dogs in Center City gave Krista witness to the many challenges owners face with their dogs. Through her studies, Krista has helped countless dog owners live better lives with their canine companions.

Krista continues her education in the world of canine behavior and training. She has traveled to achieve certifications, learn from and work with various accomplished trainers, such as Tyler Muto of Dogmanship & K9 Connection & Consider the Dog in Buffalo, New York, Chad Mackin of Pack to Basics in Batavia, Illinois, Heather Beck of K9 Lifeline in Draper, Utah, Jason Vasconi of Transform My Dog of Dickenson, Texas, Sarah Fulcher-Dixon of British Columbia and now NYC, New York, Jay Jack of GRC Dog Sports, Portland, Maine, George Cockrell of Companion Dog Training in Damascus, MD, Mark McCabe of TBTE training system in Maryland, Karen Laws of Ontario Dog Trainer of Ontario Canada.

Krista became a certified SATS Trainer in Perception Modification when she traveled in October 2014 to learn from world-renowned animal trainer Kayce Cover of Syn Alia Training Systems from Norfolk Virginia.

Krista is a student of renowned Dog Behaviorist/Wolf conservationist of Nelson Hodges of Canine Human Relationship Institute of Blue Ridge, Texas. Krista continues her education at the CHRI where she has successfully completed the third level courses.

Additionally, Krista Milito is a professional level member of The International Association of Canine Professionals. Krista attends the annual Educational Conference where she studies from many leaders and pioneers in the professional dog training industry.



from our clients

Let me start by saying Krista and Jeremy of The Philly Pack are hands down the best dog trainers in the city. They are awesome people trainers, as well!!!! Krista has been working with our dog Raven for over a year and the successes we have had are amazing. When Krista started with Raven she was an anxious, reactive ball of energy and she now walks calmly beside us. Krista and Jeremy employed quite a few different techniques with Raven, from marker training to perception modification, until we found what worked best for her. Through their guidance and training Raven can now go to The Philly Pack Day Time Activity Center to run around and socialize with other dogs, which she absolutely would not have been able to do a year ago. Krista and Jeremy have worked extremely hard with us and Raven, so we could have the dog we dreamed about having. We are all extremely grateful for their continued support and guidance.

Jayme & Erik

We were having serious problems with our one year old female Rottweiler, Misha. The friendly, playful puppy that we knew had become a human and dog aggressive monster. We were out of options and had been considering finding a new home for Misha. Thank goodness for the Philly Pack. Krista was able to identify what problems Misha was having and helped us navigate through this challenging period. Misha was an insecure dog with high drive, excess energy, and lack of direction. Through a number of different training, behavior modification and relaxation techniques, we were able to get Misha to a more balanced, confident and relaxed state of mind. Once the Canine Enrichment Center opened its doors, we saw a dramatic change in Misha’s behavior. Through their structured daycare, Misha enjoys play time with other dogs, interactions with humans and a stimulating environment that fulfills her working-dog need for “a job to do”. There is nothing better than picking her up and watching her fall asleep in the car from sheer exhaustion of a hard day of fun. I highly recommend The Philly Pack and the Canine Enrichment Center. They will help you understand your dog and provide the tools you will need to help meet your dog’s needs.

Carlo & Family

After several failed rehab attempts using various resources, our rescued fear-biter, although a loving family member, was placed on Prozac and confined to house and yard “arrest” for 7 years. Thanks to the Philly Pack she is now “drug-free” and a well-behaved dog with us as well as the pack…and we have a great deal more confidence handling her around non-family members. We recently adopted a second rescue—another “problem child”—in part because we knew that we now have Krista and Jeremy “in our corner” for support. Thanks so much Philly Pack for dramatically improving our entire “family’s” quality of life!

Don & Vicki Levinson


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