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    Leading is loving.

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    Be a pack leader.

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    Build trust, gain respect.

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    A balanced life creates harmony.

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    Give direction, provide clarity.

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    Communicate to liberate.

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    Be your dog’s best friend.

The Philly Pack

Since 2006, The Philly Pack has been leading the way for dogs and their humans in Philadelphia. As dog trainers/behaviorists and lifelong dog owners, we understand the struggles many dog owners encounter. Our approach to dog behavior and training is holistic in method, as we are mimicking natural dog pack behavior. Our balanced dog training focuses on what you are doing correctly, helps you simplify the process by showing you how to provide structure and leadership for your dog & reveals the subtle body language your dog uses to communicate with you.

Our mission is to help people and their dogs find harmony in their lives together, by teaching basic principles of discipline, leadership, and energy. We specialize in helping dog guardians address serious challenges in their dog’s behavior, such as aggression, fear, dominance, and insecurity. Becoming your dog’s pack leader means providing for their fundamental needs of exercise and structure, social and mental stimulation, and fulfilling their needs of affection. When you implement structure into your canine companion’s life, you are essentially liberating them from uncertainty by giving them a solid foundation and a sense of peace. Dogs thrive from structure; it affords them the chance to understand their role in your family. They will become the balanced and calm canine companion you desire. We teach you to become the Pack Leader your dog needs and deserves.