Private Session – 4 Pack


Private Training - 4 Sessions

This is a four session program.  This program is ideal for dog owners who are experiencing acute behavioral challenges. The first session is a 2 hour in home instructional session. During the first session you will lay the foundation of your new relationship with your dog.  We will teach you some very basic commands, such as “place”, “sit”, “down” and we will also take you and your dog on a walk to teach you some basic leash etiquette. Our focus will be on helping the dog owner set basic rules and structure for their dog.

Implementing structure into your dog’s life will help you address even the most challenging behaviors. The following sessions will expand on the basics, and incorporate more structure. The sessions will help you fine-tune your leadership skills, and help you implement balance into your dog’s life.  Often, the follow up sessions give the dog owner an opportunity to work on the struggles they may be encountering.  These sessions are about an hour long. Two of the sessions will be from your home, while the last session will be at our Canine Enrichment Center.


4 Sessions

Training Center:

The Philly Pack
Canine Enrichment Center
1715 McKean Street
Philadelphia, PA 19145
T: 215-459-3539

Location Details:

Parking is available on McKean and neighboring streets. The 17th street bus stop is one block away.