Jay Jack’s | Play as the Way


Play as the Way

with Jay Jack

June 11 & 12, 2016

9:00 – 5:00

This will discuss the concept or addressing foundation training through game play. These games will develop relationship, as well as skills that you will use to navigate the world. This training is fun, and fair. It is biologically fulfilling, and emotionally uplifting. There will be games with toys, food, leashes, harnesses, and yourself.

If the facility has the equipment….We will work on the classic sports of my Pit Bull background with Wall Climb, Spring Pole, Treadmill Sprints, and Weight pull. This foundation program will give your dog biological fulfillment. And, it will give both of you the skills to handle life. IF there are any issues that remain after you finish your foundation…. The relationship and skills you make through these games, will help carry you through that rehab process. Yes, training like this is fun. And…. It works.

12 Working spots are $300 (with a dog)
15 Spectator spots are $200 (without a dog)

Morning coffee, snacks and lunch will be provided. We will have dinner on Saturday evening at a local eatery, (not included in price).

Training Spot

Training Center:

The Philly Pack
Canine Enrichment Center
1715 McKean Street
Philadelphia, PA 19145
T: 215-459-3539

Location Details:

Parking is available on McKean and neighboring streets. The 17th street bus stop is one block away.

Event Contact:

Krista Milito
Ph: 215-459-3539

Event Details:

Facebook: RSVP
Sign Up: Registration Form


His love of dogs, especially bully breeds, is near to my heart and his passion for them shines through.

Visit Jay’s Facebook Page
Website: NextLevelDogs

My name is Jay Jack. My wife’s name is Amanda Buckner. We have been heavily involved with dogs our whole lives. We’ve rescued, fostered, rehabilitated, and, advocated for dogs since we were kids. I rescued my first Pit Bull from a fighting breeder when I was 15 or so. I’ve been the “dog guy” ever since. Amanda was always a general dog lover but after she met me, she was bitten with the Bully bug as well!

Honestly, we love all dogs, regardless of breed. But, we have a special place in our hearts for bullies, and any of the “power” breeds, as they tend to be misunderstood, and mistreated.

That’s where we come in. We are just like these dogs! We are tough, and strong. We are VERY stubborn, and probably a little scary looking to most. I’m covered in tattoos. My cauliflower ears and flattened nose give away my 10 years as a professional fighter, and current day job as a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy owner.

But, we are also just as loyal, and loving. I will never give up on these dogs. I will never lose my composure, no matter how hard you think your dog is to handle. Believe me….. We’ve seen it all.

Many of these guys have the potential to be so amazing. They just need people that can handle what they are NOW, to get them to where they COULD BE.

That’s us!

We are uniquely qualified in attributes and experience to help you with your own “Bad” dogs!