Training: Balance, Clarity, & Direction

Social Graces Workshop

4 Day Socialization Program

This program is designed to help your dog learn better socials skills. This is a 4-day training program spread out over a one-week period. We will ease your dog into a social environment through conditioning and providing support for your dog. We will use our structured program give your dog rest, play, exercise and mental stimulation. Those elements used in combination will allow your dog a chance to become the innately social creature he or she is.

During the program, we will fine tune your dog’s obedience or teach some basics such as “sit”, “stay”, and “here”. We will also lay a foundation of the Place Command, teach your dog to walk on a treadmill if needed, address leash manners, and provide socialization with other dogs. At the end of the 4 days, you’ll meet with Krista, our lead trainer, for an hour long session at the Center.

After this program, your dog should be eligible to attend our Day Time Activity Center for the cost of regular day care. If not, they will be eligible to enroll in Continual Education Training Days. It is a requirement at all Day Care and Continual Education attendees to have attended and completed our Socialization Program. Additional follow-up sessions are available at the center or your home at an additional cost.

  • 4 days, $450
  • Required to be eligible for Day Care
  • Includes 1 hour session at the end of the program

Canine Socials

Private Training (Enrichment Center)

A one-hour training session with our Head Trainer Krista, at the Canine Enrichment Center. The training can be focused on some basic obedience, place command, leash handling, or addressing problematic behaviors. Or if you are just looking for dog owner counseling, we can do that instead.

  • 1 session, $100
  • Follow up sessions, $80
  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Saturdays

Canine Socials

Private Training (Your home)

Become a Pack Leader over a 2-3 hour period during our in-home, private coaching session. This session is designed to help you address leash issues and set some house rules. We will discuss your challenges and help you implement a new plan to change wanted behaviors. We will help your dog become more mannerly by teaching the place command, proper leash walking and counsel you on how to best provide for your dogs needs. You can learn to become a better Pack Leader for your dog. The goal of being a proper pack leader is to provide for the needs of your dog. These needs can be met by providing structure, mental stimulation and exercise. This session will teach how to accomplish that goal.

  • 1 session, $250
  • Follow up sessions, $125
  • Saturday availability only

Canine Socials


At our meet and greet we can discuss your goals and talk about the packages best suited for you. The meeting will take about 20-30 minutes. We will also evaluate your dog’s reaction to other dogs by using one of our pack members.

  • 1 session, $25
  • Meet the trainer at the center
  • Sociality evaluation
  • Mondays or Tuesdays