Testimonials From Our Pack Leaders

Join our community of trainers, owners, and canine advocates to learn, grow, and become a pack leader. Hear what others have said about The Philly Pack.

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Raven, and Family

Let me start by saying Krista and Jeremy of The Philly Pack are hands down the best dog trainers in the city. They are awesome people trainers, as well!!!! Krista has been working with our dog Raven for over a year and the successes we have had are amazing. When Krista started with Raven she was an anxious, reactive ball of energy and she now walks calmly beside us. Krista and Jeremy employed quite a few different techniques with Raven, from marker training to perception modification, until we found what worked best for her.

Through their guidance and training Raven can now go to The Philly Pack Day Time Activity Center to run around and socialize with other dogs, which she absolutely would not have been able to do a year ago. Krista and Jeremy have worked extremely hard with us and Raven, so we could have the dog we dreamed about having. We are all extremely grateful for their continued support and guidance.

Jayme and Erik


Misha, and Family

We were having serious problems with our one year old female Rottweiler, Misha. The friendly, playful puppy that we knew had become a human and dog aggressive monster. We were out of options and had been considering finding a new home for Misha. Thank goodness for the Philly Pack. Krista was able to identify what problems Misha was having and helped us navigate through this challenging period. Misha was an insecure dog with high drive, excess energy, and lack of direction. Through a number of different training, behavior modification and relaxation techniques, we were able to get Misha to a more balanced, confident and relaxed state of mind.

Once the Canine Enrichment Center opened its doors, we saw a dramatic change in Misha’s behavior. Through their structured daycare, Misha enjoys play time with other dogs, interactions with humans and a stimulating environment that fulfills her working-dog need for “a job to do”. There is nothing better than picking her up and watching her fall asleep in the car from sheer exhaustion of a hard day of fun. I highly recommend The Philly Pack and the Canine Enrichment Center. They will help you understand your dog and provide the tools you will need to help meet your dog’s needs.

Carlo and Family


Tina & Ollie, and Family

After several failed rehab attempts using various resources, our rescued fear-biter, although a loving family member, was placed on Prozac and confined to house and yard “arrest” for 7 years. Thanks to the Philly Pack she is now “drug-free” and a well-behaved dog with us as well as the pack…and we have a great deal more confidence handling her around non-family members.

We recently adopted a second rescue—another “problem child”—in part because we knew that we now have Krista and Jeremy “in our corner” for support.

Thanks so much Philly Pack for dramatically improving our entire “family’s” quality of life!

Don and Vicki Levinson

When we first brought our puppy home, we were completely overwhelmed and just wanted to do what we could to make our pup happy. In the process, we were becoming miserable and our dog was taking complete advantage of us! What we didn’t realize was that the most important part of making Mo happy was having him gain respect for us.

And it wasn’t about screaming “no” or “stop”…it was about simple physical gestures that we learned from Krista and Jeremy. It took awhile to get the “hang” of it and we still need some reminders, but our relationship with our puppy has turned out to be what we always dreamed it could be. We only have the highest regard, trust and confidence in The Philly Pack!

Sally & Stewart Eisenberg

When my wife and I brought home our two 8wk old Labradors, Jake and Otis, we quickly realized that both us and our boys needed help being trained. Luckily, our neighbors referred us to Krista and Jeremy of The Philly Pack. I can honestly say it was the best decision we made regarding our puppies. Krista and Jeremy taught us how to become “the pack leaders” of our household.

They didn’t just show up and train our dogs for us. Instead they showed us how to train our dogs through exercise, discipline and affection. Our dogs are now 2 years old and have been members of The Philly Pack since they were 10wks old. I can’t tell you enough how many compliments we get on they’re behavior. Thank you Philly Pack for showing us the way.

Jim & Karen Moroney

We are incredibly happy with the progress that Winnie has made with The Philly Pack’s guidance. People are always telling us that labs are puppies for 4 years rather than 2 and that we are going to have our hands full but I believe with your help we have proven them wrong.

Patrick Grenko & Mary Shinham

The Philly Pack team has been taking care of my dogs for the past 5 years and most recently my 11 month old Bernese Mountain dog, Hans. People we meet are always amazed at how well behaved Hans is. His calm and gentle behavior is directly attributed to the teachings and guidance of Krista and Jeremy.

Amelia Riley

Krista and Jeremy have an uncanny ability to recognize what dogs need from their owners and vice versa. They are able to provide the discipline that dogs need-using methods that make the dogs adore them. The Philly Pack is a fantastic resource for dog owners and a Philadelphia treasure.

Adrienne & Eric Hart

Owner and Founder of Philapets.com I’ve known and worked with Krista and Jeremy for many years. From day one onwards, they both impressed me not only with their level of dedication to the animals they care for but also the natural talent they have for working with “difficult” dogs.

I recommend them highly to anyone who has a dog who is causing angst at home. They know their stuff and they are wonderful, patient teachers. In fact, I got to see Krista and Jeremy’s training methods up close and personal when they helped me to assert control over my own “problem” dog, Ginger, after only one training session. I am continually impressed with them.

Dr. Deirdre Frey, DVM

The Philly Pack have been instrumental in helping us with our dog, Rocky, an American Bulldog/Boxer mix. He came to us as a high-energy rescue dog, which was 65 pounds of muscle and a huge stubborn streak. His biggest issues from the start were with the walk. He pulled and was impossible to control when we came upon other dogs or animals.

After going through 4 trainers, who failed miserably, I began to watch the “Dog Whisperer.” I started to see some improvement when I used some of the techniques that Cesar Millan talked about. When we moved to the city, we knew we had to find a way to exercise Rocky regularly, after realizing that his pent up energy was a major part of his behavior problem.

Carol Mackin

Krista and Jeremy started to work with our Portuguese Water Dog, Zoe, nearly three years ago when she was still a puppy. Zoe was afraid of her own shadow — a plastic bag in the wind, anything on wheels, or any loud noise would send her into an absolute panic. She was impossible to walk down a city street and we felt defeated, having met two other trainers (without any success) before connecting with The Philly Pack. Krista and Jeremy took Zoe under their wing and, as a result of their hard work, dedication and understanding; Zoe is now a pleasure to walk.

We were even able to walk Zoe alongside our stroller after our son was born. The Philly Pack had conquered her fear of things on wheels! We recently moved out of the city and have had Krista and Jeremy come to our home in the suburbs for training sessions with Zoe. They love their dogs and take their work to heart. The dogs understand who their pack leaders are, without question, as Krista and Jeremy lead with compassion. We would recommend them to anyone!

Darin & Jamie Morgan

I cannot say enough about the training and joy The Philly Pack has brought to my dog, Memphis. She has gone from anxious and unmanageable, to happy and obedient. A simple walk around the block used to be an adventure (in a bad way) and now I can take her on a run or to a park with confidence that she will behave and that we will both enjoy our time together. I thank Krista and Jeremy through and through. They have changed both my dog’s life, and my life for the better.

Stavros Papadopolous

The Philly Pack Canine Enrichment Center is a wonderful organization ran by the most dedicated people. Krista and Jeremy are passionate trainers who are truly in it for the dogs. My overly-excited, one and a half year old pit-bull took part in their 5-Day Day Training program and now attends daycare twice a week at the Enrichment Center. After being banned from multiple other doggy daycares, my pup is now thriving and excelling at the Enrichment Center.

Krista took the time to get to know my dog’s specific needs and tailored his training to ensure his success. Krista and Jeremy are always eager to help in any way possible and never fail to impress me with their knowledge and skills. I fully trust them with my beloved pup, as they treat him as one of their own. I feel lucky to have found The Philly Pack Canine Enrichment Center and would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat!

Molly Washburn

I had the good fortune of meeting Krista 5 years ago during a behavior assessment for a dog we were considering fostering. Since that time we have had both Krista and Jeremy come in to help us with our dog Jeremy, and with our newest foster Esther. They have been an amazing support system, and I am so pleased to see how The Philly Pack has grown over the years. Their approach is one of growth and a healthy state of mind for both the dog and the owner, and the real life examples they use to explain why they do what they do helps the owners gain a better understanding as to why they’re using the methods they use.

The goal is to have a healthy relationship, one of mutual respect, and I feel that Krista and Jeremy empower owners and give them the confidence they need to have that relationship with their dogs. Krista and Jeremy are constantly learning, growing, and adding to their repertoire, which has in turn inspired me to keep learning and growing, both as a dog owner, and a dog professional. The way I approach my dog walking business and how I walk the dogs has changed a great deal thanks to what I have learned from The Philly Pack, and I get many a compliment from passersby as to how well my clients walk with me!

Katerina Minakakis