Behavior and Training


Behavior & Training Class

This program is designed to address more serious behaviors. This is an 8 day intensive training program spread out over a two week period. This intensive training is designed help you and your dog overcome the challenges you face together. We can address behaviors such as dominance, fear, aggression or just unruly behavior. We will give your dog a good foundation of manners so that we can help them become a well-adjusted animal.

We will use our structured program give your dog rest, play, exercise, mental stimulation, and an obedience foundation. We will utilize various approaches to see what triggers poor behavior and also what motivates your dog to make better choices. We will also follow this program up with a training session with you so that you can begin to implement a new routine in your life with your dog. You may also schedule a private in-home session for an additional $50.


8 Day Sessions

Training Center:

The Philly Pack
Canine Enrichment Center
1715 McKean Street
Philadelphia, PA 19145
T: 215-459-3539

Location Details:

Parking is available on McKean and neighboring streets. The 17th street bus stop is one block away.