Obedience & Enrichment

Training Services for a Healthier Relationship

Social Graces Workshop

Behavior & Training

This intensive training is designed help you and your dog overcome the challenges you face together.

  • Address Problem Behaviors
  • Improve Communication with Your Dog
  • Practice Behavioral Pillars of Success

Canine Socials

Bond Building

Deepen your relationship with your dog as you navigate through a variety of obstacles that will help enhance the communication between you and your dog.

  • Boost Your Dog’s Confidence
  • Improve Communication With Your Dog
  • Establish Trust and Become the Leader

Socialization Program

Daytime Activity Center

The Day Time Activity Center programs consist of social and play time, rest periods, place command and other obedience exercises, leash work, treadmill exercise, relaxation exercises, walks, tug, obstacles courses and more.

  • Safe and Selective Socialization
  • Compatibility-based Play Time
  • Individualized Activities and Training

Socialization Program

General Orientation

An immersion course into the Canine Enrichment Center, your dog will be introduced to the different activities we provide and our trainers will get to better understand you and your dog.

  • Transition into Training
  • Unpack Your Training Needs and Desires
  • Private Assessment for Tailored Training

Socialization Program

Leash Handling

This class will teach you how to provide proper leash walking exercise and how to maximize the impact a good walk can have on your dog.

  • Establish Structure and Clarity
  • Learn Better Leash Handling Skills
  • Address Unwanted Walking Behavior

Socialization Program

Place Command

The Place Command class lays the foundational principle for teaching your dog mindfulness and calmness.

  • Foundation for Impulse Control
  • Exercising Calmness and Focus
  • Improve Household Management

Socialization Program

Socialization Program

Ease your dog into a social environment through classical conditioning and through supportive handling.

  • Facilitate Safe Interactions
  • Condition Behavior and Skills
  • Improve Your Dogs’ Confidence