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Be With Your Dog

Be With Your Dog

The goal for the class is for you to learn to BE WITH YOUR DOG. It definitely sounds pretty simple, but it’s not. You will learn how to be with your dog in a way your dog understands. Most dog training asks dogs to adapt to our world, but we will be adapting to what is natural to dogs by traveling with them, climbing on things, running with them, and activities that make them feel fulfilled. It’s also an opportunity to work with your dog on leash in the company of other dogs. This will be an adventure class; it will require you to be active and ready to get dirty with your pup. You’ll definitely need comfortable shoes. You’ll also need to have access to a car because after the first class, we will meet in different locations. These locations could be outside the city.

You and your dog will benefit from this program because you will become a better partnership, a better team and you’ll begin to understand each other in a whole new way. You will enjoy simple things such as sitting at a cafe together. Your dog will learn better manners and coping skills, which will open the door to inviting your dog more places. This program is about you learning how to communicate with your dog in a trustworthy and clear manner.

This class is NOT for new clients struggling with aggression. Contact us to find a program that will be suited for you.

  • 3 sessions, $150 per human/dog team
  • Bond building through adventure
  • Not for aggressive dogs
  • Saturdays only
  • Vehicle required

Communicate With Your Dog

Communicate With Your Dog

Our 5-week group class will help you and your dog learn to cultivate better leash manners, more focus and a better connection with each other. You will learn how to mark and reward a variety of behaviors. We will go over basic leash skills, teach elementary obedience, and give you the power to influence your dog on leash even with temping distractions like other dogs. We will work on commands such as “heel” “sit” “stay” “here” and “place”. We will also go over what marker training is, and show you how you can use it in your everyday life with your dog. Our goal for you is to create a new relationship and to have fun with your dog. With these new skills, you will find the walking experience with your dog to be more enjoyable.
Attendees must be able to provide up to date health certificates. Dogs must be over 4 months of age to attend. No retractable leashes please!

  • 5 session, $200
  • Ages 4 months and up
  • Wednesday or Saturday

Place Command Class

The Place Command

Join The Philly Pack to learn the PLACE COMMAND. The Place command is a great way to implement structure and to provide clarity for your dogs. When your dog learns to hold a stay on their place mat or bed, they learn how to be included in your life while being calm. This class will be about an hour and a half long. The cost is just $75 per dog and handler, and we are only offering 8 working spots. If you want to come without a dog, spectator spots are $30, and they are unlimited.
You can bring your dog to the class on any equipment except retractable leashes. If you aren’t sure how your dog will handle a group class, let us know so that we can schedule you for a consultation.
During the part of the class, the dogs may be crated in our kennel area, so if your dog is not crate trained, please let us know.

  • 1 session
  • Dog/Human team, $75
  • Spectators, $30
  • Wednesdays Only

Dog Parks 101

Dog Parks 101

Please join The Philly Pack for an informative program regarding proper dog park interactions, for humans and canines. During this session, we will discuss the proper way to enter, enjoy, and exit a dog park. We will discuss how to read canine body language, and how to intervene when needed. It is important to discuss how the humans in the dog park interact with one another, their dogs and what is the appropriate behavior inside the dog park. We will show you a variety of techniques for preventing dogfights and also give you options for breaking them up. The mission is to help dog owners understand how they can be a part of a supportive and engaging group of dog enthusiasts.

Dog Park 101 is a program for dog owners that happens bi-yearly. This is a dog free event, with the exception of some hand picked dogs we might use for demonstrations.

  • 1 session, $25
  • Humans only!
  • Wednesdays Only